My Testimony

The greatest gift you can give the world…

Is to share your testimony

Of how God saved you from yourself..

Of how God delivered you from despair.

In sharing your testimony, you are fully restored

Instantly…just like so

Don’t ask me how, it’s not something I can explain in words

It’s almost like a HAHA moment that took decades to create itself

A mountain of lessons finally released into the universe

Shame-gone Blame-gone Burden-gone… just like that

I gave birth to it.. right there and released it into the Kingdom for His Glory!

I encourage you to share your testimony in the way God tells you to..

Because full restoration will not come until he can use it through..

To reach another.. touch another.. draw another onto him…

See how that works..

Your testimony can save a soul today…share it.. here is mine.







I’m done.

What good is it?

To be open, to be willing

When you always end up broken


What use is it?

To love and cherish

When the love you gave will eventually perish


What’s the point of it all?

I don’t get it…I’m done with it

I’ll harden up and play the game like everybody else


I’m not about to give it all..

Just so I can lose myself

Maybe I wasn’t made for this..


I’m done with it, done caring

I don’t even wanna entertain the thought

Of putting love on replay

I’ll date myself and cherish myself.. all day.


What’s love been anyway..

Empty promises, chattered dreams, endless disapointment

I give you 100% of me .. and receive less in return

That’s not love that’s just asking to be burned


I’m DONE.. from now on, guards are up

I’m tired of caring.. now I just don’t give a fuck.






Is it really difficult to trust?

We always say, trust is a must

Without trust we have nothing

Yet when we trust, we risk everything


To be vulnerable, accessible, stripped of all weapons

To remain open for the exchange of love and affection

To let go of the fear of getting hurt

To let go of the fear of being lied to

Because even when we don’t trust

Love can STILL be unjust


So is trust really an illusion of protection?

Truth is, when we don’t trust…we don’t experience love

We experience a fragment of what we think is love

To truly experience love, we must risk our trust


Knowing that regardless of the outcome, love is worth it

Knowing that a heart always heals, and always learns regardless

Knowing that when we trust, we get it in return

Can we truly love without trust?


So give it your all, you have one life

Jump with your eyes closed, savor the moment

Trust…broken or whole

It is a simple choice that defines two souls

Out of the Blue

Out of the blue, there came you

Your substance was pure, enticing

In the time of a conversation, we became old friends

Wide open, receptive, out of the blue


In a flash, but for what seemed ages

I fell deeper into you

Completely wrapped in your everything

Laughter, simplicity, electric surrender

All I knew is I wanted more…out of the blue


Timing could be danger

But why dwell on the what ifs..

When the moment is easy to miss

I’m willing to take a risk

Out of the blue


Love is a wave of butterflies

It comes unexpected, and takes your breath away

It leaves you completely paralized

Makes you question every prior decision…

Out of the blue.. there came you


One day at a time

No expectations, no demands.. just US

We make our own rules

Live life OUR way

In the moment, in the sky

Out of the blue..as long as I’m with you.




I trained for a very short time for this 5k race at my University. I wanted to be part of the experience, so I became determined to train for it in the best way I could with the 15 days I was given.  In training I ran 2.5 miles 4 days a week with an average time of 35 minutes per run at a pace of 13 minutes a mile. Despite the weather and busy schedule. In running the race I completed 3.2 miles in 36:14 minutes. The lessons I gained from this accomplishment are golden, and it would be a shame if I kept the wisdom all to myself.

Everything I learned about life while running a 5k race.

*The only person you really compete against is yourself.

*How you finish the race only depends upon one thing~How hard you push yourself!

*The people who pass you in the beginning are often the people YOU will surpass in the end.

*Excuses get you NO results.

*Push through pain, it won’t kill you.

*Reaching the finish line is 95% mental and 5% physical.

*When you think you have nothing left in you…. there is STILL MORE!

*Slow and steady gets you to your goal…one step at a time…one foot in front of the other.

* Don’t try to keep up with grand-ma or the guy pushing a stroller.. they will outrun you! (true story)

Running my first race was a tremendous accomplishment, for many reasons. Biggest reason is, I dislike running, I always have. I always said I am not a runner. My biggest focus was that I wanted to set a fitness goal. I did it! I finished in what was an amazing time for me! The bigger lessons I have learned will far outlast the memories of my run. Who knows, I may run another.. I may not, but I will never stop setting goals and reaching them. What is your next fitness goal and what are you learning today?


The art of letting go is one to master, everyday there are opportunities to let go.

It always seems to be uncomfortable, unnatural, and difficult.

We want to hang on to pain, love, fears, bitterness, & people.

We must train ourselves to let go…release.

Because we own nothing, we own no one.

Because when we carry a heavy load, the journey becomes stagnant.

Releasing those I love back into the world, allows them to find their own journey… this is love.

Releasing my pain, fears, and anger, lets me receive and give love freely.

Letting go is an art that I will master, taking every opportunity..one day at a time.




My loneliness gets the best of me

In the dark hour I ponder on my sorrow

The world encloses me, I can’t see

All of the beauty in my reality

In my loneliness, I fall short

I cannot shine, I cannot climb

The darkness becomes a shelter for my soul

Alone…searching for something, someone

Who never comes, who never shows

Who can understand me

Who will accept me fully

In my loneliness there is me

In my loneliness there is just me

I can’t breathe, I can’t see

The beauty in my reality



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